Many of us have been taught from a very young age the importance of saving our money. We were taught that we should put away a portion of our earnings for a rainy day or certain financial goals we may have in the future. But while savings keep our money safe from theft, it does not keep us safe from inflation and this is almost like being stolen from!

If you save £1,000 this month in a savings account that pays 0.01% interest, this time next year if inflation is at 6%, your money will only be worth £950 in comparison. Daylight robbery! So what can we do to counter this? Well, looking for savings options that produce a higher return than the rate of inflation would be a good start. Below we look at some of the best savings options for 2022.

Anchor Protocol (Cryptocurrency)

“Cryptocurrency?!”, you may say. “Isn’t that risky?”. Well on a whole it is much more volatile than dealing with regular fiat currencies but the rewards are much greater. Anchor Protocol is the safe option when it comes to saving in crypto as it uses the stablecoin, UST, which is pegged to the US Dollar. This reduces the risk substantially and gives you amazing (compared to fiat) annual returns of 19% APY. Put your money in here for a year and do nothing to see it grow by that amount and overcome any expected level of inflation in a western country. (Cryptocurrency)

Is it a surprise that we have another crypto-based savings option on the list? I think not. has been around for a few years now and offers traditional payment and savings methods such as credit and debit cards, and savings accounts. The difference is their comparatively high-interest rates and their cards even offer cashback on all purchases.

Stablecoins such as USDT and USDC get a great return of 12% APY – much more than you could ever expect from any bank account – and when combined with a cashback card, you stand to save a lot over time. Whether you are doing your weekly grocery shop or buying revitalash advanced for your daughter’s birthday, ensures you are rewarded for your spending as much as your saving.

Celsius Network (Cryptocurrency)

Another savings account that uses cryptocurrencies, the Celsius network plays the safe game with your money and gives you back a decent return for the privilege to do so. Saving with them will give you inflation-beating rates (just not as high as and they also offer cashback cards that can be used for normal daily purchases.

Ok, so it looks like the point of this piece is to promote the unbeatable savings rates you’d gain from saving with a crypto exchange, but the truth is that there really are no other options if you are looking to grow your money and still have a decent amount of security to go with it. So for 2022, start doing your research on these companies and you’ll soon realise how simple and reliable it is to save money and have it grow.